Why Choose a LCD Video Projector?

Higher contrast ratio

Compared to DLP projectors, many LCD structure projectors for home entertainment have deeper black levels and superior overall contrast performance. This is especially true with LCD video projectors that use auto iris technology and inorganic LCD screens.

Sharper Image

The LCD pixel structure is better defined than the DLP pixel structure. This is less evident in higher-resolution projectors and more noticeable in lower-resolution business goods.

Uses of Best LCD Projector

  • Lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Presentations
  • Showing videos
  • Gaming
  • Church Services

Features of LCD Projector Rental


LCD projector shows each color at the same time on the screen. In contrast to one-chip DLP projectors, which alternate red, green, and blue numerous times per second, creating a perplexing optical illusion known as the "rainbow effect," that is most noticeable on images with clean borders between light and dark areas, such as presentation slides. LCD projection is best suited for business presentations for small, medium, and large groups.DLP images sometimes irritate the viewers.


LCD projectors often create images that are brighter and more vivid. The lamp's light flows directly through the picture elements to the lens, a small amount of light is lost along the way, allowing more of it to reach the screen. The use of several tiny mirrors and a rotating "color wheel" in DLP projectors reduces brightness.


LCD projector provides a clearer image. Moreover, this isn't to suggest that other projectors aren't shaky. When an LCD and DLP image is used simultaneously, the image formed by an LCD projector image is slightly crisper, with the types of text and graphics that corporate presenters use.