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Yes, rear projection is better for daylight. Rear projection is based on the light that comes from the projector and is mixed with ambient light - which can be natural or artificial. In contrast, front projection needs a dark environment for optimal viewing.

Rear projection is much more energy efficient than front projection. Rear projection doesn't require the usage of a light source for the projector, which saves you on electricity.

They both depend on the usage of the screen. If it is for a theater or sports stadium, you would want to use a rear projection screen. For anything else, front projection screens are usually better suited. Front projection screens generally have higher brightness and contrast than their rear counterparts.

Rear projectors work best when mounted directly above or below the screen; the ideal distance is 2.5-4 times the screen's width.

Plasma screens are used mostly in settings where people need a bright, crisp and large display. These include movie theaters, airports, and other public settings. People like them because they are very energized and flashy due to the design of the screen.

A plasma screen can be a good choice if you plan to watch TV shows and movies often. It typically has better picture quality than LED screens. It also has more versatility in room size. On the other hand, a plasma display is heavier and less energy efficient than an LCD or LED monitor.
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